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Slide Shows

I've been playing with a slide show maker software.
This page will hold shows from some of the fun shoots I've been on.

Some are in 3D - Stereograms (side by side). You will need a stereo gram viewer to fully enjoy them, but you can see them as just 2 2D imagaes with out the viewer.
I get my viewers from, or Write Me.
The small cardboard foldable viewers from Loreo do real well with 4X6 Prints or on Phones and tablets.


Oregon Gardens Summer 2019: 3D

  • OG002
  • OG003
  • OG004
  • OG005
  • OG006
  • OG007
  • OG008
  • OG009
  • OG0010
  • OG0011
  • OG0012
  • OG0013
  • OGSG001

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